The art of the perfect cocktail takes a mixture of meticulous skill, richness of flavour knowledge, fearless creativity & attention to detail.

These elements result in a superbly flavoured libation with alluring presentation. Partnering with Sugarwater Bar, we've created some bespoke signature cocktails that provide the perfect evening drink or signature beverage for your wedding.

A wonderful and creative way to add something extra to your wedding reception is to create a signature drink that your guests can enjoy during your cocktail hour. Or, simply whip up these delightful refreshments on a chilly winter evening and instantly feel your tastebuds come alive.

The gentlemen at the trendy and always hip SugarWater (a portable cocktail bar made up cutting edge mixologists) came up with the perfect winter twist of the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, an enticing chartreuse libation called Auntie’s Garden Tonic, the Naked & Famous (an infusion of citrus liqueurs) and our personal favourite, the Mimosa.

Auntie’s Garden Tonic: Gin, cucumber juice, lime juice, honey syrup, Tonic Syrup, soda, sorrel garnish.

Naked and Famous: Mezcal, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse, lime juice, raspberries garnish.

Mimosa: Prosecco, Dry Curacao, orange juice, Orange Grenadine, Grapefruit Bitters, blackberries garnish.

We love the artistic styling of these beautiful drinks, thank you to Justine Milton for your flawless talent (as always) and to the amazing Sugarwater for delighting us with your fabulous tastes.

Acknowledgements: Styling & Production: Julianne Young Weddings | Photography: Justine Milton Photography | Mixologist: Sugarwater Bar | Location: Pearl & Dot Boutique

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