Here's the scoop on upcoming trends for the year, which is good to know before you start planning.

It can be hard to try predict the “hot or not” trends of the wedding industry, since some seem to come as quickly as they vanish. Since now is the time to start planning, here is the inside scoop on the best upcoming trends and unique ideas for your wedding in 2015.


Image via Ruffled

Character Furniture & Lounges – It’s fun to fancy-up your wedding day by adding unique pieces of furniture to the reception or cocktail hour space, such as a vintage armchair or ornate decorative lounge seating.

Pastels – Butter yellow, mint green, lavender and powder blue are going to make a huge splash in next years wedding colour palettes. Pairing these soft colours together with an elegant gold accent will be a total showstopper this year.


Image via Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Dress by Monique L’huilier, Summer 2015 Collection

Floral Walls – This trend used to be for over-the-top celebrity weddings only – But that’s not the case in 2015. Statement pieces like a floral wall can actually be a better investment for wedding in the long run, since you’re focusing the budget on one item with a huge visual impact rather than many small details.

Vintage Florals – These feminine and pretty designs are popping up all over modern style stationery and invitations. Try using a bold black & white invitation set with a vintage botanical envelope liner.


Image via Mod Wedding

Marsala – The Pantone Colour of the Year (pictured above!) can be hit or miss, but we think this years pretty shade of Marsala will be a complete hit!

As quick as they became a trend for 2014, many ideas are on their way out. Here are a few wedding trends to be weary of…

Photo Booths – Sad but true, the traditional photo booth equipped with pirate props and oversize sunglasses are no longer cutting it as event entertainment. Try a new spin on the classic photo booth idea like video booths or slow motion booths – Just something to surprise and delight the guests, while still being totally fun.

Slideshows – Unless the slideshow is created thoughtfully, they can be a buzz-kill for your wedding right when the party is starting up. Im not saying always, but it’s an idea that’s been around for many years now and isn’t the most unique. Try filming a fun “feature film” with your wedding party or fiancee and showcasing that instead!


At the end of the day, they key is staying true to your personal style, and never latch on to a trend so much that you lose your identity in the process. Weddings should be a true reflection of the couple behind it, rather than a total repeat from ideas on Pinterest! Go ahead, create something new!

xo Julianne