Seen all over Instagram, boxed florals are the newest trend in floral design.

Jasmin Lowe of Couture La Fleur brought the floral lovers of Calgary their very own luxury boxed flowers. She did so with class, discretion & chic finesse, by presenting sumptuously beautiful roses in luxurious hand-crafted boxes etched with the CLF classic logo in metallic embellishment. Finishing the whole gorgeous thing off? A crisp white envelope (with your personalized message in script) sealed with a classic gold wax seal.

Sound too good to be true? Surprisingly it isn’t at all.

Offering beautiful bouquets of red roses (Amour), white roses (Purete), pink (Princesse) and everything in between (custom mixed arrangements), Couture La Fleur is sure to wow even the most pickiest of floral devotees.

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Sitting down with Jasmin Lowe of Couture La Fleur, the owner of Calgary’s luxury boxed flower company that specializes in sumptuous bouquets of roses, peonies and everything in between, we discuss the Calgary floral industry, the importance of branding & standing out, and the significance of detail in the bustling wedding industry.

  1. What motivated you to start your own business? Why did you choose to enter into the floral industry?
    I wanted to be accountable for my life. Even though we’re accountable for all the decisions we make I knew that I wanted to commit to something I was not only passionate about, but that would challenge myself as well. I didn’t want to continue second guessing myself or questioning why I didn’t pursue the things I loved. I wanted to look at my life and know that I created this for myself and that this is what I consciously chose to do.
    I’ve always appreciated flowers for their natural beauty. The fact that they are created by the earth and can make people feel so many different emotions is incredible – I wanted to be a part of that natural and creative process.
  2. How would you describe Couture La Fleur in 5 words?
    Handcrafted Luxury Boxed Fresh Floralscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-26-17-pm
  3. What do you enjoy most about being in the floral design industry?
    I love that I get to be creative and get paid for it! Did you also know that there are proven studies to show that flowers make people feel certain emotions? How could I not enjoy being able to bring joy to people every day simply by being creative. Simple yet so rewarding.
  4. How did you develop the signature brand & style of Couture La Fleur?
    I did a lot of research on Parisian hat boxes and wanted something that not only had a strong Parisian influence but that also embodied luxury and exclusivity at the same time.


    Image from Couture La Fleur Facebook page.

  5. Explain the distinct finishing on the boxes you provide your floral’s in. For someone who has never seen them in person, how would you describe the finish?
    I spent a lot of time designing the boxes and wanted every detail to reflect the quality of the boxes. It was important for me to invest a lot into the boxes and to make sure that when people received boxes of their own that they could see they were getting what they paid for. Each box is made from 1500G cardboard that is then wrapped in an iridescent gold floral printed paper and hot stamped in gold foil with our signature logo. I’m very particular about presentation so you can definitely look forward to seeing the boxes evolve over time.
  6. Do you have a professional philosophy that guides your work?
    I’ve always loved and constantly remind myself of these words. “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
  7. What has been your career highlight thus far working at Couture La Fleur?
    I was really excited when I was approached by Dote Magazine to be featured in their upcoming Fall issue. It’s really exciting to know that your brand is being recognized and that you are reaching a greater audience. Couture La Fleur has also been featured on several blogs and was part of a segment on Breakfast Television. Each of those moments has given me an overwhelming sense of gratitude.
  8. What is the biggest challenge facing the floral industry that you’ve experienced or noticed? What is the greatest success?
    I’d say as a business owner the biggest challenge would be the number of florists in the city. There are so many talented florists in Calgary that I always have to make sure my work stands out and is always improving. The greatest success is really just being able to see the business grow. Although it feels like an eternity for me, I always have to remind myself that it hasn’t even been a year. It humbles me to know that something I’ve worked so hard on is actually becoming a reality.
  9. How do you keep your creativity flowing?
    Even though this is a business I also enjoy being creative as a hobby. I use my spare time experimenting with different flowers and coming up with new ideas. Even if it’s not with flowers I always find myself doing something that incorporates that arts and that inspires me.


    Image from Couture La Fleur’s Instagram page.

  10. What are your sources for floral design inspiration?
    I’m inspired by so many things I can’t even begin to name them all. Social media is an amazing platform for showcasing your work and I’ve found a lot of inspiration in several of the photos I’ve come across. I get inspiration from travel, architecture, people, photographs, the list goes on…
  11. What is your favourite flower?
    It’s hard to choose one! I’ve always loved Peonies and Dahlia’s though.

    Image from Couture La Fleur's Instagram page.

    Image from Couture La Fleur’s Instagram page.

  12. What are some of the big trends in floral design?
    The wild, less uniform look is definitely trending right now. Bouquets with lush greens and branches create a loose organic look and it’s certainly what most brides are asking for these days. The Kings table is also very popular. Gone are the days of round tables with one centerpiece. Rectangular tables with several longer, shorter centerpieces create visual interest and can be created using fewer flowers and by adding more greenery for that more organic look. We’re also seeing a greater variety of flowers being used. In addition to the traditional flowers we’re used to seeing, newer varieties of blooms are being introduced creating a range of shapes and colours for designers to use.
  13. You are branching into weddings & events, what motivated you to do so?
    I really wanted people to see that Couture La Fleur, and boxed floral in general, is more than just a one time, one box experience. There are so many possibilities when it comes to floral design and for people to be able to showcase and share the re-useable boxes as favors and centerpieces was a really exciting opportunity to explore.
  14. What is your idea of a perfect wedding centerpiece?
    Bigger is definitely not better. There are several ways to highlight a centerpiece and keep it proportional to the rest of the table. Every bride and groom has a different vision and I’m here to make that vision come to life. What’s perfect to them is perfect to me.
  15. What service are you offering for brides & grooms that distinctly cater to their special day?
    I’m currently looking into having the boxes personalized. I think it’ll be special for brides and grooms to be more involved in the customization of the boxes if they have this option. Couture La Fleur will also consult, create and set up everything floral for weddings and events.


    Image from Couture La Fleur’s Facebook page.

  16. How do you guide brides & grooms in choosing a floral color palette or floral style for their wedding?
    I ask couples to provide three words to describe how they want to feel when they walk into their venue. Based on those three words I will make suggestions on flower varieties and colours and we will start creating from there. The time of year the wedding is being held is also important as not all flowers andcolours are available year round.
  17. What are your tips & tricks for new brides & grooms seeking a wedding florist?
    Flowers are a worthwhile investment – they have a huge impact on the way a room will look. With that being said, couples shouldn’t get too hung up on budget. There are several tips and tricks that floral designers can use to create a variety of looks for a wide range of budgets. It’s also important to choose a florist that cares about your special day as much as you do. If they genuinely take interest in each couple then it’ll come across in their work.
  18. You will be at the 2017 Wedding Fair as an exclusive vendor! What should people expect to see at your booth?
    You will definitely see new box sizes! I’m really excited to be showcasing the new Petite and Mini box sizes at the Wedding Fair. People can also expect to see different ways the boxes can be displayed, especially on a larger scale. There are so many possibilities and variations so I’m looking forward to setting up a tablescape to give people an opportunity to see the boxes up close and personal.
  19. What makes Couture La Fleur different?
    At this point we only do boxed florals. We felt it was important to create a brand that had a focus. Part of the Couture La Fleur experience is being able to keep and re-use the signature box which is unlike any other shops in the city.
  20. What should we expect to see from Couture La Fleur in the coming years? Where do you see yourself & your company in the near future?
    You can expect to see new box sizes, colours and maybe even shapes! The long term goal is definitely to open up a storefront and to expand the brand.

What an amazing insight to a wonderful company and owner. Thank you so much Jasmin!

XOs Samantha

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Image from Couture La Fleur’s Instagram page.

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