The holiday season is the quintessential time to pop the question to the love of your life.

As a recipient of a Christmas Eve proposal, it is a dreamy & special time to celebrate that amazing new milestone amongst family & friends. It is also the perfect cap to another completed year, and it serves as an extra special start to the fresh one that lays before you.

Proposals are one of our favourite things in the world, as there is nothing more meaningful than asking for your loved ones hand in marriage. Therefore, a great deal of consideration & thought must be put into the execution & timing of this monumental event. From bended knee, to a candlelit ambiance, we break down the essential inclusions to asking him or her for forever.

1. Meaningful Location: Whether you like going for walks or runs in the mountains, have a favourite restaurant, or if you frequented a city for an important milestone, the location serves a vital importance in the proposal. Every couple is different, and each one shares a personal & significant location that is near and dear to their hearts.

Image found here. Photographer: Kiss Me in Paris.

2. Incorporate a Favourite Hobby: Lovers of art, nature, food or sports? Did your relationship grow over this mutual interest? Incorporating a hobby into your proposal makes it even more personal & meaningful. And, chances are, she or he won’t even suspect it if it’s something that’s routine!

3. Take Timing into Account: Timing is as important as figuring out location! Sometimes timing is determined out of practicality, but sometimes the proposer needs to do some digging. Find out when your partner plans on getting married. Do they have their heart set on a particular season for the wedding? This is a good way to backtrack when you should be popping the questions, to allocate enough time for planning of course!

4. Get Down on One Knee: It’s a detail that is sometimes overlooked, but is so important. It also gives your fiance-to-be a perfect first view of that ring!

Courtesy of [@porshadanae] found here.

5. Research that Ring: With so many rings in various shapes, qualities and carats, it’s important to have some idea of what your partner loves in an engagement ring. Are they a fan of a simple round solitaire with a platinum band? A single halo pear? Or an art-deco style emerald? If you’re unsure where to start, ask them to go ring shopping! Have them try on a bit of everything, and see what their reaction is with each one. Want to be more discreet? Take note of the jewelry they already wear or look at their pinterest board!

6. Have Pictures Done! Whether you hire a professional, or have a family member sneakily snapping shots on the sidelines, it is so important to have pictures of this special moment. The emotion and true joy you capture will last a lifetime.

7. No matter how you do it, enjoy the moment and soak-in every second! The moment is fleeting, but the memory and joy you feel is everlasting. You will mentally revisit this beautiful event countless times, so enjoy!

XOs Samantha