When one dreams of getting married, idyllic weather, the perfect blush-hued roses and the dream venue all come to mind.

Picture that, in the most romantic city in the world: Paris, France. The birth place of Voltaire & Brigitte Bardot, an inspiration for Hemingway & Picasso, the setting for chic cafes & pain au chocolat, and the gorgeous backdrop for our romantic elopement-inspired photo-shoot featured in Wedding Sparrow.

Can you imagine awaking in this vibrant city to have your wedding day before you? To capture the intimate beauty of a modern elopement in the most romantic city in the world, we drew inspiration from Paris’ allure and our love of classic & elegant wedding design.

Elopements are romantic in nature, but elopements in Paris are what dreams are made of. This stunning hotel is the essence of French style with its elegant façade, crimson awnings and refined interior. With this idyllic setting, it is important for details to compliment the naturally beautiful venue. A couple deeply in love, wakes up on the morning of their wedding day in a luxurious suite. With iconic views of the Eiffel Tower, they enjoy a chic Parisian breakfast on the private terrace overlooking the breathtaking landscape, relishing in each other’s company and preparing themselves for the magnificent event about to unfold before them. The sounds of the city awakening seem to fade into obscurity, as their only focus is on one another. With stunning bridal details, heartfelt his & her vow booklets, and a breathtaking solitaire diamond, each detail is as beautiful as the last. Before her walk down the aisle, a romantic boudoir session serves as inspiration of the femininity and delicateness of a beautiful bride cloaked in her tulle & lace veil, a quiet moment to relish in the beauty of the events to come. Beyond her, the silhouette of the black iron balcony railing draws us to the hazy grey outline of the Eiffel Tower beyond, serving as a reminder that Paris is always a good idea.

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Thank you to the multitude of talent that achieved this spectacular feature and made it come to life!

Design & Production: Julianne Young Weddings | Photography: Olive Fly Photography | Lingerie : Year of the RAM | Floral Design : Floraison Paris | Calligraphy/Stationery : Art and Alexander | Bridal Shoes : Bella Belle Shoes | Bridal Veil : Orchidée de Soie| Silk & Ribbons: Orchidée de Soie | Hair + Make Up : Honorine Make Up Studios | Models : Victorienne & Baptiste Nicol | Film Processing Lab : Richard Photo Lab


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