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So you just got engaged... Now what?

You and your fiancé are basking in the engagement glow and have spread the magnificent news to family & friends. The overwhelming task of planning a wedding has set in, people are starting to ask questions, and you might be wondering where to even begin.

Getting started on the road to planning a wedding can be filled many questions and uncertainties. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to venue options, catering choices, photographers, videographers, florists, dress designers, entertainment options, the list goes on. Hiring a wedding planner is an effective & productive first step in easing the pressures associated with planning a large scale event. As a bride, you are not expected to suddenly become a professional event planner, although many feel the pressure to do just that – Let us help!

Amongst other countless reasons we are about to mention, hiring a wedding planner will be the second best decision you make (the best one, of course, was you saying “YES”) – But here is a list of other helpful things we’ll do as your planner…


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  1. You Deserve Help: Yes, your fiancé is there to help with decisions, and yes your family & friends are eager to lend a hand in any way, but you deserve an industry professional who knows the business and will be there to answer your questions and help guide you every step of the way. Our years of experience translate into consistently successful events and happy couples, let us guide you through this process with ease. This will save you countless hours of research and stress, we guarantee it.
  2. Problem Solving: The level of anticipation and excitement that is built up in the months leading up to your wedding day creates high expectations. For this reason, having an experienced and reputable wedding planner is imperative to having a flawlessly executed day that you and your fiancé remember forever. Of course, there is the possibility of hiccups, but when they occur, a seasoned planner is likely to have encountered them before, and can problem solve on the spot with little to minimal stress on anyone else, leaving you free to soak up every moment and be present with your guests – Not checked out, worrying about the caterer being out of ice, for example.

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  3. You Don’t Know How to Start Budgeting and Aren’t Sure About What to Spend On What: Budget allocating is a vital part in the initial stages of wedding planning, as it sets in motion the remainder of the decisions in all aspects of the planning. This is what will keep you on track, and for lack of a better word, will help you avoid the wedding spiral! Setting a budget and knowing how much to spend on each element of the wedding is a tough job, and often times couples end up going over budget because they didn’t allocate the correct amount to a specific vendor. That is where a wedding planner will help you create a realistic and achievable wedding budget, so that you don’t panic 1 month before the big day on how much you spent in the end!
  4. How to Hire Trusted Vendors?: With so many options for photographers, florists, stationers, venues, catering companies, videographers, etc how so you know which is best suited to you? Especially with the draw of social media and instagram, how do you know your vendors can actually deliver a quality product? Having the experience of an industry insider on your planning team will help narrow down the list according to your budget and tastes, and will save you many hours of research. You can rest assured that you have been paired with trusted industry professionals we trust to take the best care of our clients.

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  5. You and Your Fiancé Have Full-Time Jobs (or are students): Juggling a full-time job and full-time wedding planning can be emotionally and physically tiring! Wedding planning is not rocket science, but it certainly takes a lot of time, so having a wedding planner holding some of the responsibilities will make your stress load a whole lot lighter.
  6. You Need Help Making Your Vision Come to Life: A wedding planner can be a decor designer as well as a coordinator. We listen to your ideas, vision and style and translate that into a beautiful design & decor proposal that is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Having done this many times, we also know how to design strategically for visual impact, and make the most of any budget. A wedding planner will take every detail you give them (season preference, favourite colours, hobbies, memories) and incorporate that into a wedding design that is bespoke, timeless and most importantly caters to your individuality.

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  7. To Manage Your Wedding Day: Having a day-of coordinator will ease your stress and worries and ensure your day unfolds effortlessly. Managing your vendors, assisting with timeline, ceremony/cocktail and reception set-up as well as tear-down is a big job! One that is unrealistic for the couple, their families, bridal party or any guest on the day of. It should be left in the hands of a professional, someone who has experience and will take care of the details for you so you and your loved ones can enjoy your day.
  8. To Support You and Share Your Wedding Day: At Julianne Young Weddings, we are very passionate about our jobs. We love weddings and we love love. We adore getting to know our clients and seeing their ideas blossom into a perfectly executed wedding day….nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see our smiling couples drinking champagne at the head table, soaking in every moment of their day.
  9. You Want Your Wedding Day to Run Smoothly & Effortlessly: When you hire a wedding planner, we create timelines & help manage the logistics of creating perfectly produced events. We delve into the infinite details of how your day should and ultimately will run by allocating each vendor arrival, each speech, first look, photo session, ultimately each moment of the day to ensure it flows and allows you to float through the day, un-rushed and relaxed. Being organized on the wedding day will guarantee everyone knows where they’re supposed to be, that everything gets done and happens on time.

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  10. You Want to Love Your Wedding For Years to Come: The JYW “look” is known for being elegant, timeless and personal. Our couples know we will create a wedding they will love for years to come rather than designing based on the current trends alone. Each wedding looks different from the next because we design with YOU in mind.
  11. You Need A Trustworthy & Experienced Individual Who Will Vouch For You Always: We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and value possible. Amazing customer service for good people, from good people. We have a tried & trusted wedding planning process that does not miss a single detail. We can organize the pieces of information that are involved with planning a wedding with confidence & ease. We are there for you every step of the way to answer those uncertainties and guide you through the process from the first inquiry until the last guest leaves.

All in all, a wedding planner is the ultimate source for all uncertainties of wedding planning. Of course, we strongly believe in what we do and we might be biased because of it… So check out these couples who have gone through the process and can shed light on their experience…

Wishing you to have the most beautiful wedding you ever did see…

Julianne Young Weddings