What is THE JUNGLE? 

Julianne Young Weddings new virtual group mentorship program, created & hosted by yours truly to help guide you through *the jungle* that is the wedding industry.

Here is the truth – When I first started my wedding planning business, I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I thought I knew, but it was harder back then to get actual information/data on the wedding industry in Canada, and I had some experience but not enough to feel completely confident in taking on the huge clients & magazine-worthy weddings I dreamed of. Even armed with a degree in business, I still didn’t feel fully prepared for the entrepreneurial life ahead of me. Also, there were not as many resources available where I could double check if I was doing things right or wrong anyways… (Not too many people were willing to open up their production schedules & business ops for me 10 years ago!)

Starting a sustainable business in the wedding industry is not easy, or nearly as glamorous as people think. It’s an incredibly fragmented industry with low barriers to entry and very high client expectations, and there is very little industry information available to help you research or even use as a benchmark for growth. Plus, the landscape is constantly changing, especially in the face of COVID19. So, how do you start, grow, or manage a sustainable wedding planning business? How do you know if you’re doing things right or making huge mistakes? **Is there any other way to be successful in this industry outside of trial & error? **

Yes, there is…Welcome to the JUNGLE, let me be your guide! That is why I started this group program & decided to open up my doors; To help you through the trying & difficult stages of launching and growing your business; To shed light on your process & systems to make you more successful and confident; To raise the bar for wedding planners & make help the industry be the best it can be.⁠

This is an adaptation of my previous private mentorship program, where you get all of the benefits of 1-on-1 mentoring, plus a community feel in a group setting which makes the opportunity of mentorship extremely affordable & honestly, more fun – It’s really a win-win!

How does it work? 

Here is what you get:
  • One Group Q&A Zoom Call per Month // (October – March) This is the time to ask me any question you can think of as it relates to your business, and learn from other’s questions too! I will not hold back on my answers & we will learn together as a group. If we run out of questions before 45 minutes is up, I will then go over a Case Study outlining important lessons that I’ve learned real-time at an event. That’s right, YOU get to learn from MY mistakes! And trust me, I’ve made them.
  •  In between calls, you will have access to a Private Online Group via facebook, moderated by me to ask questions between calls and connect with others in the group. We will all have your back in a safe place to ask questions and get honest answers. Let’s bounce ideas around. Let’s connect. And let’s grow. These individuals will all be in the same boat as you, and those connections are invaluable – Speaking from experience!
  •  Access to “The Basics” which are a series of Additional Resources I’ve created to guide you along the absolute “musts” of running a business in the wedding industry. These are the questions that I need every person I mentor to feel comfortable with in their business, and probably the most burning questions you have – So I’m going to beat you to the punch and not waste a whole call explaining “The Basics”. For example – How do you set your prices? There will be a how-to guide. How do you build a timeline?  I’ll show you a sample timeline & production schedule. And more…. These are the FUNDAMENTALS that most people aren’t willing to share. Even my mentors never shared these things with me… Ha!
  •  PLUS, I’ll be offering workshops in the future when my schedule allows, and as a Jungle Member you’ll get 15% off every workshop I host. At this time, I have not released workshop dates, but will be hosting virtual workshops on wedding design, deep-dives into strategic marketing, a more in-depth pricing workshop, and more, as requested.

How much does it cost?

For the first 10 people that sign up, I’ll give a discounted rate of (CAD) $89.00+gst per month. This is *so* affordable considering private mentorship runs at $350/ Session!!! After the first 10 people take me up on this offer, the regular program cost will be $110+gst per month.
That’s it. There is no contract. No length of months you need to sign up for & commit to. If you don’t like it, you can opt out! SIMPLE. AFFORDABLE. EASY.

When will calls be held? 

Each zoom call will be on the 3rd Thursday of every month from October to March, in the evening at 8:00pm MST and last about an hour, give or take depending on how many questions we have in a night! If you can’t make the session, they will be recorded. Current dates are set as follows, (subject to change):
October 15
November 19
December 17
January 21
February 18
March 18
Claim your place in our tribe today. If you are ready to have me guide you through The Jungle, send me an email at info@julianneyoungweddings.com
Let’s do this thing. (*Insert jungle roar!*)