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Over 66 pages, we will walk you through 23 amazing wedding venues in the Canadian Rockies accessed from the YYC airport. Our goal with this Venue Guide Is to share our local knowledge combined with over 10 years of expertise in planning exquisite weddings, in order to save you from countless hours of research and wasting your time at disappointing site visits. This guide will provide you with a curated list of our favourite character-driven spaces, including capacities for each room, pricing details to help you set your budget, and most importantly, our unbiased insight on what makes each property stand out.

Price: $99.00+GST CAD

What will you get out of this guide?

A curated list of our favourite character driven spaces that we trust can be the canvas for an excellent event. Each space will have an outline of room capacities and base pricing, along with our insider perspective on what we love about it and other helpful considerations before booking.

This will be your jumping off point to create a short list of venues that you want to explore further, giving you confidence in your options based on your guest size and ideal budget. Each venue is linked to the company website, further easing your search & saving you time.

Plus, every guide includes helpful resources to further support you throughout this process:

FAQ Section answering the most important questions before being able to choose a venue – Such as how much to budget, when to book, and more. This FAQ section is like a miniature consult, answering all the questions you didn’t know you had.

Printable Venue Tour Checklist to bring along your venue site tours, arming you with all the questions you should be asking when you visit the space. It’s the literal checkbox to ensure you’ve covered all your bases and made the most of your tour.

Delivery of this guide is immediate to your inbox, so you can start planning your wedding right away!



Hard to believe that a guide can be a one stop shop, but I felt like this was really it. My fiance and I are from out of town and needed additional help from a local. I had done research on the venues and a lot of hotels were coming up as I was googling – But I wanted to know if I was missing any other event spaces that are less popular but worth looking at.

This guide is phenomenal! In my venue search before receiving the guide, I had to either download or request the wedding package from each venue, search for the capacity and F&B minimums and put together a spreadsheet. I probably spent a good 4-5 hours on this already. love that this guide very clearly consolidates all of this information in one place allowing me to compare and contrast based on these important points.

One of my favorite parts of the guide was the FAQ section. Couples who are looking for direction on venues are at the beginning of the wedding planning experience, so a lot of these FAQs are “aha” moments. I had no idea what proportion of my budget should be dedicated to F&B/venue be or honestly, how to even begin!

Even from the cover page and letter penned by Julianne, I was excited about the personalized experience I was about to take. It is easy to see the guide is put together with extreme detail, professionalism, and care and feels like “money well spent – I will be honest, at first I was skeptical about paying for this type of guide. However, when I actually saw it – I realized that I could have saved A LOT of time and it is 10x better than the other free resources I’ve seen, which glosses over information and is not consistent.

Thank you for this guide, I am now feeling confident about locking in a venue and date ASAP!

Liza Mironova

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